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Qatar Airways flies to Namibia more often
  • On the route Frankfurt - Windhoek the Boeing Dreamliner will be replaced by the Airbus 330-200 at the end of March

    On the route Frankfurt - Windhoek the Boeing Dreamliner will be replaced by the Airbus 330-200 at the end of March. Photo: Julian Herzog, Wikipedia

Just in time for the peak season in Namibia, there are about 780 more plane seats available per week: Qatar Airways announced in March that the number of flights from Frankfurt to Windhoek will be increased from four to seven as from July 2. In addition, from the end of March another aircraft will be used on this route.

All seven flights take place at night, with a stop-over in Doha. The decision shows that Namibia is popular as a long-haul destination, especially since Eurowings will also fly to Windhoek as from July 12 and will offer direct flights on top. Qatar Airways had added Windhoek to the list of its 150 destinations only last September.

At the end of March Qatar Airways will replace the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner with the Airbus 330-200. The airline 's Dreamliner has space for 254 passengers, the Airbus has 260 seats. The main reason for this decision was probably the increased demand for cargo hold.

After the long flight, Ondekaremba (only 7 km from the airport and offering transfer services) is the ideal place to spend the first night in order to start your tour in your rental car the next morning fully relaxed.

Hiking map with background
  • Ondekaremba hiking map

    Graphic: Ondekaremba

What is the groundsill for? What about the "Western Windmill"? How to get to the viewing tower? These and further questions are answered by the new little hiking map that is available for guests of Ondekaremba. Many make use of the hiking trails in order to stretch their legs before or after a long flight.

The map is not only for better orientation, but also gives a bit of background about the former farm at the airport. At a leisurely pace, you need an hour and a half for the circular path through the African bush savannah, a detour to the groundsill included. There is also a hide with a view to the trough for the game; with a little luck you can observe red hartebeest and kudus.

The hiking trails are also available to day visitors (booking possible with or without a room) who stay at Ondekaremba on the day of their departure.

Eurowings will fly to Namibia
  • Eurowings will fly to Namibia

    Eurowings will also fly to the International Hosea Kutako Airport near Windhoek as from July 2017. Photo: Wikipedia

Good news for Namibia holidaymakers in Europe: As from mid of July 2017, Eurowings will also be offering affordable direct flights to Windhoek. The Lufthansa subsidiary is known for its affordable flights.

Eurowings will depart from the airport Cologne / Bonn every Wednesday and Sunday in the evening and arrive at Windhoek early in the morning. The return flight takes place on Thursdays and Mondays; take-off is in the late evening and touch-down in Cologne / Bonn in the course of the morning.

Ondekaremba, just a 10 minute drive from the airport, is the ideal last stop before the return flight and even more so in this case: With a day visit (with or without room reserved) and a transfer to the airport you can enjoy the pool, the walking trails in the bush savannah and a nice dinner before you mount your plane.

Shuttle between plane and bush savannah
  • Comfortable bus for Ondekaremba’s visitors who make use of the transfer services

    Comfortable bus for Ondekaremba’s visitors who make use of the transfer services. Photo: Ondekaremba

More and more travellers to Namibia are making use of Ondekaremba’s transfer services. During the current high season we drive to the airport ten to five times a week. Whole travel groups can be shuttled to and from the airport in our modern minibus.

The Toyota Quantum can seat 14 people; baggage is transported in a trailer. We guarantee comfort and space, even on the short 10-minute drive through the African bush savannah from the airport to Ondekaremba Lodge. Our shuttle service to Windhoek, which reaches the capital in about 40 minutes, is used about once or twice a week.

Eleven new flights per week
  • Dutch carrier KLM will soon land and take off in Namibia

    Dutch carrier KLM will soon land and take off in Namibia. Photo: KLM

Fans of Namibia can now look forward to more flight connections and possibly a drop in prices. Three additional airways will be offering flights in and out of Windhoek International Airport. Savvy travellers will not only save on the flight, but also on travel right after landing and before departure: with Ondekaremba...

From the end of September Qatar Airways will offer four connections per week via Doha, from the beginning of October Ethiopian Airlines will fly three times a week via Addis Ababa and Gaborone (Botswana) and from the end of October Dutch carrier KLM will operate three flights a week from Amsterdam via Luanda to Windhoek. In total, these are ten new connections with stopovers.

German carrier Condor had already increased their direct flights to three per week at the beginning of July: a flight from Munich was added to the two existing flights out of Frankfurt.

Ondekaremba is the ideal first stop after arrival and last stop before the return flight. Thanks to the transfers you can save the cost of a rental car for the duration of your stay. Many tourists also make use of the day visit on the last day before their return flight. Lounging at the pool or taking a walk through the bush savannah surely beats hanging around the airport building.

From farm to natural paradise
  • Hiking trail in the wide-open space of the bush savannah

    Hiking trail in the wide-open space of the bush savannah. Photo: Ondekaremba

Ondekaremba hands over the majority of its farmland to its northern neighbour. However, the heart of the charming bush savannah landscape remains with the lodge. This step is taken to ensure the acquisition of a new partner.

Ghaub Nature Reserve & Farm in the Otavi mountains in the central northern parts of Namibia joins the four-year old partnership between Ondekaremba and Waterberg Wilderness (at the Waterberg, south of the Otavi mountains). Overnight visitors to Ghaub or Waterberg Wilderness benefit from the partnership by receiving a voucher for a day visit to Ondekaremba.

Still situated within the varied landscape of the bush savannah, with hiking trails and a dry riverbed lined with trees, Ondekaremba Lodge has lost none of its charm. The self-catering Ondekaremba Econo Lodge and a campsite are also part of this natural paradise.